The Wood Yard

Local Firewood Sales

Established since 2006 in Ashford, Kent, our yard is stacked full of the best quality firewood all year round – so you can be sure of a steady supply!

Delivery is free within a 5 mile radius of the yard, but we can deliver across the whole of Kent.

We offer premium quality products and a friendly local service!

As well as retail sales we are happy to talk to anyone interested in wholesale options for bulk orders - just call us on the number above.

Kiln Drying – Our 4 Step Process

4 step processAlthough we do naturally season some logs, these days we sell primarily kiln-dried firewood as it is a superior product that gives our customers more heat for less money.

  1. Locally sourced hardwood timbers such as hornbeam, oak, birch and ash are cut into 25 cm (10”) lengths that will suit most stoves, fireplaces and chimineas.

  2. The logs are loaded into purpose-made bags/boxes and moved into the kilns, an area of 11x11 metres that can take 100m3 of logs for drying.

  3. Hot air is forced through the kiln until the moisture content of the logs is brought down to about 15%. Freshly harvested wood will contain between 50-75% moisture, depending on the species.

  4. Logs are sorted into bags and nets of various sizes for sale to customers.

Even the kiln itself is environmentally friendly as it is fuelled 100% by waste timber that has to be burnt at a high temperature because it has previously been chemically treated.

Air Dried Seasoned Wood

We also naturally air-dry wood on site, known as seasoning. This process can take as long as 2 years and will reduce the moisture content to around 30%. But is still a much better option than using ‘wet’ wood as this will produce less heat and the excess moisture can cause damage to wood burners, stoves, flues or chimneys.

If you are using an open fire then seasoned wood can be the preferred choice as these fires are less controllable than closed-in stoves and kiln-dried logs can burn too quickly.

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